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Carretera de Cordovilla, Km 2 (Iz)

02500 - TOBARRA, (Albacete), España


Tel: (+34) 666 262 243 (Ingles/English)

E-mail: info@viva-iberica.com

February 2014


In conjunction with the Purebred Spanish Horse stud Yeguada Iberica, we offer a choice of; hourly rides, half and full day riding, or fully inclusive equestrian holidays in the school or countryside. We have horses to suit novice to advanced, but not beginners.


Riding in the country (trail rides)

1 Hour riding in the country (accompanied)    Cost: 35 Euros

2 Hours riding in the country (accompanied)  Cost: 60 Euros 

3 Hours riding in the country (accompanied)  Cost: 75 Euros


Riding in the school

1 Hour one-to-one: Classical Riding, or Doma Vaquera or working with the garrocha in the school with the option to ride a classical ‘schoolmaster’ or Vaquera horse.  Cost 50 Euros


Carriage/gig driving

Drive in the school or in the country. We can take you for a tour in the surrounding countryside or you can take a driving lesson. Cost:

1 hour  40 Euros (school or country)

2 hours 60 Euros (country)

3 hours 75 Euros (country)


Riders - Enjoy a full day at the Yeguada Iberica stud and the equestrian centre.

Enjoy a day at the stud and riding centre with your choice of horse activities, with lunch, with drinks. Up to 3 hours of riding in the countryside and/or school, to your choice.  horses

Cost:110 Euros per person (or if you prefer to bring your own lunch - cost 95 Euros).


Full day country/trail Riding

Full day riding in the country, stopping for either a picnic lunch or at a country bar/restaurant. Includes 3 course lunch and drinks with the meal.

Cost 135 Euros per person (minimum 2 persons).

3 or more in a group cost is 120 Euros per person.


We have more information about our Purebred Spanish Horses or our riding Instructors & Guides


We have information about the area. of Southern Castilla La Mancha and activities for non-riders


Prices for 'fully inclusive' 3, 4 or 7 night equestrian holidays


Fully inclusive holidays - what's included


Viva Iberica's Webshop


Doma Classica



Classical Dressage

One to one intensive lessons on Spanish & Portuguese 'schoolmasters'


Riding & tuition in the school


Classical Riding Holidays


A selection of our horses


Instructors & Guides


See above for hourly/daily prices


Doma Vaquera


Information on Doma Vaquera,

La Garrocha & Acoso y Derribo

Doma Vaquera

On experienced 'Vaquera' horses.

Instruction from Richard Lust, who is an international delegate for the Asociación Nacional de Doma Vaquera


Hourly/daily or 'inclusive' holidays



Lessons for intermediate riders


Lessons on gentle but talented horses, with experienced and considerate instructors


Hourly/daily or 'inclusive' holidays

Rutas a Caballo

(accompañiado por guia/monitor)



Riding in the country

Accompanied by guide


Inclusive Holidays:

Riding in the country

Riding in the school & country

Riding & tuition in the school

Riding in country + regional tours


or see above for hourly/daily prices

Trabajo en la mano




Work in Hand


Lessons in work in hand,

can include lateral work, piaffe, passage, Levade, Spanish walk,

or work on the long long rein.


See above for hourly/daily prices





Carriage driving


Driving lessons with a single horse and gig, or working with pairs.


See above for hourly/daily prices

Iniciacion de doma para caballos jovenes




Backing & starting young horses


Prices and details on application



Preparacion de caballos para doma





Training horses


Prices and details on application





Work with the garrocha



Instruction from Richard Lust, who is an international delegate for the Asociación Nacional de Doma Vaquera




Club Federado - Federación Hípica Castilla La Mancha

We are affiliated to the Spanish National Equestrian Federation


Registro de Entidades de Castilla La Mancha,

No. 3917/06  (NIF:G02418671)

We are a Registered Equestrian Centre


Licencia de apertura de establecimientos - Centro Ecuestre - Ajuntamiento de Tobarra

We hold a current Ajuntamiento business licence for carrying out the activities of an equestrian and holiday centre, bar etc.





Richard and Pedro riding Yeguada Iberica's Vaquera horses 'Bucanero' and 'Lidiador' - herding a group of colts, using the garrocha.


Richard riding 'Bucanero' in Doma Vaquera.

See more about Richard and Bucanero in the book 'Top Horse Training Methods Explored', by Anne Wilson (ISBN 0-7153-1776-8)



Painting by Cathy Spearing from a photograph of Pedro and Yeguada Iberica's Vaquera horse 'Lidiador'



Happy 'day' riders.


Marismeña (mare), Tana (mare) and the Yeguada Iberica stallion Nalon III



Granero IV, one of Yeguada Iberica's foundation stallions, ridden by Richard while working a 'cobra' of three mares, with foals at foot.










            Yeguada Iberica