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   Spanish, Portuguese & Baroque tack & riding clothing


   Dressage, endurance, jumping, horseball, Alta Escuela

   Doma Vaquera, Baroque; saddles tack and clothing.


   Quality guaranteed products from leading Spanish &

   European manufacturers. Worldwide distributors for Zaldi.


   Over 6,000 saddle variations and options including an

   exceptional and fast delivery of made-to-measure saddles


Established 27 years. Worldwide delivery.


Spanish Alta Escuela saddle   Spanish Repujada Vaquera saddle   Zaldi dressage saddle   Zaldi endurance saddle   Spanish silk mosquera   Portuguese horse, tack and Portuguese riding clothing   girls at the Feria wearing flamenco dresses


Traditional Spanish and Portuguese riding clothing for Doma Vaquera, Doma Classica, Baroque and the Feria


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Yeguada Iberica registered brand

Yeguada Iberica's PRE stallion Malabar



    Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) Stud


   Multiple National Champions

   Bocado and Yeguada Militar lines


   Functional horses proven in;

   dressage, doma vaquera, alta escuela, work in hand, driving

    with work moral and excellent temperaments used every day at   

   Viva Iberica riding centre.


   Yeguada Iberica's Octavio III - the first PRE born in the

   UK to gain Reproductor Calificado status (No A000212)




Articles of interest on this website


Spanish Tack and Riding Clothing Guide


Showing the Spanish Horse


Doma Vaquera, La Garrocha & Acoso y Derribo


Saddle Sizing & Fitting Guide


The Cobra - History, competition & training


Guide to the Vaquera (or Vaquero) saddle


Leather for saddles & tack - quality & terminology




Sue riding Malabar at the Yeguada Iberica stud Tobarra Spain



   Spanish & Lusitano horses


   Classical dressage, Doma Vaquera, work with

   the garrocha, work in hand or on the long rein


   Trail riding in the fabulous countryside & mountains of

   southern Castilla La Mancha


   Carriage driving - in the country

   Working with a Cobra.

   Stallion handling.


   Contact us on info@viva-iberica.com



Spanish stallion at Yeguada Iberica   8 stallions at Yeguada Iberica ready for a ride in the country   Alta Escuela with Portuguese stallion Edo at yeguada Iberica   Richard Lust riding Yeguada Iberica's Octavio III with friend at the Feria de Jerez   Richard Lust working with a Cobra of mares at Yeguada Iberica   4 Yeguada Iberica PRE stallions off for a ride


The stunning scenery of our area



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